Upload a CSV File

Use a CSV File to Add to Your Sell Cart

In addition to itemized searches, you can add cards to your Sell Cart by uploading a CSV file. To use this option, select CSV Upload in the top menu of the Sell List.  CSV files need to be properly formatted before being uploaded. Following the instructions below will ensure proper formatting.

Prepare Your File

Use a spreadsheet editor such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or LibreOffice Calc to open your file or start a new one. A sample file can be found on the CSV Upload page. You can click Download as CSV after filtering cards on the Search page to use as a template. 

To identify your cards, use the following column names in the first row:






The column names must be exact matches and in lowercase as seen above. Any other column names will be ignored.

Add each card to a new row with its respective information in each column.

Include Foil or Non-Foil in the "finish" column, do not include that information in the "name" or "set_name" columns.

Once you have added all the cards, save the file as .CSV format.

If the “finish” column is blank, the page will default to “Non-foil.”

If the “language” column is blank, the page will default to “English.”

If the “quantity” column is blank, the page will default to “0” and not add that line to your Sell Cart.

Upload Your File

On the CSV Upload page, select your file then click the Upload File button. Please wait for your file to upload and process. This may take longer for larger files.

The page accepts files of up to 500 lines. For larger files, split them into multiple smaller files or contact our buyer team for assistance.

Correct Cards Not Recognized

Any cards that could not be identified will appear in a red warning box at the top of the page. To correct a card, click Edit next to its name. On the pop-up menu, adjust the Card NameSet NameLanguageFinish, or Quantity as necessary. Then click Select under the correct card.

If no cards are found, make sure to check that all fields are correct, specifically the Finish.

If you would like to restart your CSV upload to edit the file, click Cancel Upload. This will clear the list and return you to the CSV Upload page.

For other errors, see File Upload Troubleshooting below.

Choose Cards to Sell

The page will sort your cards into two groups based on the price offered by Star City Games®. You can choose groups or individual cards to add before proceeding to the Sell Cart.

Full Price cards have specific prices and will be listed individually when added to the Sell Cart. The page lists the potential price for Near Mint condition, but Star City Games will purchase cards showing wear as well. We will grade the cards once they arrive and make an offer.

To ensure we can process your request as quickly as possible and to avoid penalties, please sort your cards as they appear in the cart and keep them unsleeved. 

Bulk Price cards sell at a bulk price based on their finish and rarity. If you wish to sell cards as bulk, please sort them based on the finish and rarity categories listed in the Sell Cart. This will help us process your request promptly.

Star City Games only purchases English-language cards in Near Mint and Played condition as bulk. Please see Selling Cards to Us for more information.

A summary of your selected cards will appear at the bottom of the page. Once you have made your selections, click Add Items to Cart. All selected cards will be added to your Sell Cart and you will be taken to your Sell Cart page.

For additional help submitting your Sell Request, please see Selling Cards to Us.

File Upload Troubleshooting

File Not Recognized

If the page cannot recognize your file, first download and test the sample CSV file on the CSV Upload page.

If that file works, try editing the sample file with your card list.

If you still have difficulty with your upload, contact our buyer team.

Incorrect Cards Added

If you notice an incorrect card in the Full Price or Bulk Price section, you may choose a different card by clicking the Edit button.