Use a CSV File to Add to Your Sell Cart

In addition to itemized searches, you can add items to your Sell Cart by uploading a CSV file. To use this option, select CSV Upload in the top menu of the Sell List.

The page accepts files of up to 2500 lines. For larger files, split them into multiple smaller files or contact our buyer team for assistance.

Prepare a CSV

Download a CSV file of your Sell List search results by clicking Download as CSV above the Results.

It is helpful to edit item quantities in the CSV before uploading the file.

Make sure to save your file as a CSV ending in ".csv". Many spreadsheet programs default to saving as another file type.

Upload Your File

On the CSV Upload page, select your file, check the CSV Settings to control what the page does if information is missing or invalid, then click the Start Upload button. Should you encounter an error, first confirm that the file is in the CSV format. If that does not solve the problem, then contact our buyer team.

If your CSV's headers don't match our formatting requirements, you will be prompted to select the headers in your file that match the headers we require. For example, if your CSV file has "Foil/Nonfoil" as a header, select it for "Finish".

Uploading a CSV creates a unique upload page. The page will remain accessible until either you select and add the items to your Sell Cart or five (5) days have passed since you last accessed that upload page. You can view your upload pages from My Uploads in the Sell List menu.

Make Corrections

On the CSV's upload page, any items that could not be identified will appear in a red warning box at the top of the page.

Follow the instructions in the red warning box to resolve the errors.

To correct an individual item, click Edit next to its name. On the pop-up menu, adjust the Card NameSet NameLanguageFinish, or Quantity as necessary. Then click Select under the correct card.

If no items are found when editing an individual item, it either means we do not buy that item or the item does not exist (for example, the CSV lists a card's Finish as Foil when no Foil version was printed).

Choose Items to Sell

The page will sort your items into two groups based on the price offered by Star City Games®. You can edit cards or deselect cards you do not wish to sell before proceeding to the Sell Cart.

Sell List items have specific prices and will be listed individually when added to the Sell Cart. The page lists the potential price for Near Mint condition, but Star City Games will purchase items showing wear as well. We will grade the items once they arrive and make an offer.

To ensure we can process your request as quickly as possible and to avoid penalties, please sort your items in the order they appear in the cart and keep cards unsleeved. 

Bulk List items sell at a bulk price based on their finish and rarity. If you wish to sell cards as bulk, please sort them based on the finish and rarity categories listed in the Sell Cart. This will help us process your request promptly.

Star City Games only purchases English-language cards in Near Mint and Played condition as bulk. Please see Selling Cards to Us for more information.

A summary of your selected items will appear at the bottom of the page.

Once you have made your selections, click Add Items to Cart. All selected items will be added to your Sell Cart and you will be taken to your Sell Cart page.

To prevent errors with your request, you will not be able to make other changes to the Sell Cart until it is done adding the selected items.

Prices on your Sell Cart will not be locked in until you submit the request.

For additional help submitting your Sell Request, please see Selling Cards to Us.

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