Receiving Payment

Star City Games® makes all payments in United States dollars (USD / $).

For mail purchases, Star City Games offers payment by PayPal, Star City Games store credit, or check.

Payment by PayPal is unavailable for in-person sales at Star City Games sales booths and the Star City Comics & Games® storefront.

For purchases made in-person at Star City Comics & Games or a Star City Games sales booth, Star City Games offers payment by Star City Games store credit; cash (small amounts only, subject to availability); and check (term payments only). Please see individual payment methods for details.

Split Payments

You can receive payment through more than one method with split payments.

For Sell Requests, select "Add a Second Payment Method" when creating the Sell Request.

For other sales methods, or to split payment methods after submitting a Sell Request, please contact our buyer team.

Payment Methods


Verify your PayPal email address, including spelling, punctuation, and domain, before submitting it to Star City Games.

Star City Games issues PayPal payments within two (2) business days of completion and acceptance of a Sell Request’s final total.

You are responsible for all PayPal fees associated with the payment method. Typical fee amounts are $1 within the United States and $2 and up in other countries.

Star City Games cannot process payments at this time.

PayPal requires customers to provide tax information like an Employer Identification Number (EIN), Social Security Number (SSN), or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), if not already provided, on receiving $600 or more for the sale of goods or services.
This is a PayPal requirement, and Star City Games cannot assist with it. Please read more about this change from PayPal and use PayPal Help to answer any questions.

Star City Games Store Credit

You can choose Star City Games store credit as payment to receive an additional store credit bonus on eligible items. Once the cash-equivalent subtotal is finalized and accepted, that amount of store credit plus the bonus will be added to your Star City Games account.

When selling in-person, store credit may be issued as a Store Credit Voucher card. Use the Store Credit Voucher Redemption page to add that store credit to your Star City Games account.

Magic: The Gathering sealed products and bulk items sold for store credit do not receive a trade-in bonus.

For more information about Star City Games store credit, including use and restrictions, see our Payment Options page.


If you are in the United States or Canada, you may request check payment for Sell Requests totaling at least $10. After processing, please allow two (2) business days to print checks.

In the United States, checks totaling less than $500 will arrive via USPS Standard Mail, with the option to upgrade to USPS Ground Advantage for $3; checks totaling $500 or more will arrive via USPS Ground Advantage, with the option to upgrade to UPS Ground for $7.

Contact our buyer team to upgrade shipping to a quicker and/or trackable method, or to receive an update on the status of a mailed check.

To request a check reissue for any reason before sixty (60) days pass, please contact our buyer team. Star City Games will deduct a $36 stop payment fee for the original check from the reissued check. This fee is charged by the bank for the purpose of stop payment on a check and is not associated with Star City Games.

If a check issued for payment of a Sell Request is not deposited or cashed within sixty (60) days, the check will be voided automatically and reissued only upon request.

If you have submitted incorrect mailing information to Star City Games, you should request a check reissue. You will be responsible for the reissue guidelines stated above. If a check is not received due to a mailing information error made by a Star City Games staff member, then Star City Games will reissue the check immediately at no extra cost to the customer.


The Star City Comics & Games storefront and Star City Games sales booths offer cash as a payment option for small amounts.

  • The Star City Comics & Games storefront has a cash limit of $200. You will receive a check for any amount over the limit.
  • Star City Games sales booths carry a limited amount of cash to each event. Once that amount is depleted, you will need to choose a different payment method.

Travel Appointments for Stores and Vendors

Star City Games buyers conducting appointments away from the Roanoke, VA office do not carry cash or other payment methods. Star City Games buyers will send information to the Roanoke office for payment the same day by 5 PM Eastern time (PayPal and store credit) or the next business day (check). Appointments completed after 5 PM Eastern time will have all payments made on the following business day.

Collections taken back to the Roanoke office for processing will receive payment after completion of work there.

Term Payment Plans

For a high-value collection, Star City Games may work with you on a term payment plan, typically consisting of equal monthly installments. For more information on term payment plans, please contact our buyer team.

Term payment plans can apply to collections sold in-person (Star City Comics & Games, off-site) and by mail (Sell Requests via Sell List and Ship + Sell Program).

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