Receiving Payment

Star City Games® makes all payments in United States dollars (USD / $).

Sellers who mail their cards to Star City Games may receive payment by PayPal, Star City Games store credit, or check. Sellers who offer their cards in-person at Star City Comics & Games® or a Star City Games sales booth may also receive payment in cash for small amounts. Please see individual payment methods for details.

Split Payments

Sellers may receive payment through more than one method by split payments.

To split payment for a Sell Request submitted through the Buylist:

  1. Update the first payment method’s total to the amount desired for that method.
  2. Select the second payment type for the amount remaining.

For other sales methods or to split payment methods after submitting a Sell Request, please contact us.

Payment Methods


Sellers should verify their PayPal email address, spelling included, before submitting it to Star City Games.

Star City Games issues PayPal payments within 48 hours of completion and acceptance of a Sell Request’s final total. Payments requested after 5 PM Eastern time or on a weekend will be issued within the next two (2) business days.

Sellers are responsible for all PayPal fees associated with the payment method. Fees typically amount to approximately $1 for sellers within the United States and start at $2 for sellers in other countries.

Star City Games cannot process payments at this time.

Beginning in 2022, PayPal will require customers to provide tax information like an Employer Identification Number (EIN), Social Security Number (SSN), or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), if they haven’t already provided it, when they approach US$600.00 for the sale of goods and services.
Please read more about this change from PayPal and contact PayPal directly with any questions.

Star City Games Store Credit

Payments issued as Star City Games store credit receive the current trade-in bonus. This bonus applies to a Sell Request’s cash-equivalent subtotal at the time of payment and appears in the seller’s Star City Games account at the same time as the subtotal amount.

Magic: The Gathering sealed products and bulk items sold for store credit do not receive a trade-in bonus.

Star City Games encourages sellers to create an account on to keep track of their store credit. Store credit does not expire. Store credit may be used on, at the Star City Comics & Games storefront, and at Star City Games sales booths. Seeour Payment Options page for limitations on store credit.

Store Credit Voucher Redemption

Use the Store Credit Voucher Redemption page to add store credit to your account with a store credit voucher. See our Payment Options page for instructions and limitations on store credit.


Sellers in the United States and Canada may request check payment for Sell Requests totaling at least $10. After processing, please allow two (2) business days to print checks before shipment.

Sellers in the United States will receive checks totaling less than $500 via USPS Standard Mail, with the option to upgrade to USPS First Class for $3. Sellers in the United States will receive checks totaling $500 or more via USPS First Class with the option to upgrade to UPS Ground for $7. Please contact us to upgrade shipping to a quicker and/or trackable method.

Check payments requested after 5 PM Eastern time or on a weekend will be issued on the following business day.

For an update on the status of a mailed check, please contact us.

If a check issued for payment of a Sell Request is not deposited or cashed within sixty (60) days, the check will be voided automatically and reissued upon request.

To request a check reissue for any reason before sixty (60) days pass, please contact us. Star City Games will deduct a $36 stop payment fee for the original check from the reissued check.

A seller who submits incorrect mailing information to Star City Games should request a check reissue. Should a seller be unable to receive a check due to a mailing information error made by a Star City Games staff member, Star City Games will reissue the check immediately without a stop payment fee.


The Star City Comics & Games storefront and Star City Games sales booths offer cash as a payment option for small amounts. The Star City Comics & Games storefront has a cash limit of $200. Sellers will receive a check for any amount over the limit.

Off-Site Payment

Star City Games buyers conducting appointments away from the Roanoke, VA office do not carry cash or other payment methods. Star City Games buyers will send information to the Roanoke office for payment the same day by 5 PM Eastern time (PayPal and store credit) or the next business day (check).

Appointments completed after 5 PM Eastern time will have all payments made on the following business day. Collections taken back to the Roanoke office for processing will receive payment after completion of work there.

Term Payment Plans

For high-value collections, Star City Games may work with sellers on term payment plans, typically consisting of equal monthly installments. For more information on term payment plans, please contact us.

Term payment plans can apply to collections sold in-person (Star City Comics & Games, off-site) and by mail (Buylist Sell Requests, Ship + Sell).