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Star City Games® does not accept checks or money orders as payment.

Cash is only accepted for purchases made at the Star City Comics & Games retail location and at SCG CON events.

Currency and International Orders

All Star City Games prices are in United States dollars ($). All charges are made in United States dollars.

For more information on international orders, please visit our International Orders page.

Credit Cards

Star City Games accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Save credit cards under Payment Methods in My Account to simplify checkout.
Correct credit card information must be entered to have a successful transaction, including card number, expiration date, billing address, and CVV number which will be verified electronically. Star City Games reserves the right to refuse to ship items to an address other than the billing address of the payment card.
All credit card payments are subject to acceptance at the discretion of Star City Games and may require further verification. We reserve the right to deny a credit card payment for any reason.
When further verification is required, the status on the Order Confirmation screen will show as Manual Verification Required. This does not indicate a problem with the order, and a status update will be provided via email within one (1) business day or you may be contacted for additional information.

Authorization Holds

An authorization hold is a temporary hold placed on a portion of the funds or available credit in a cardholder’s account. Once a payment is settled, the hold will be released. This process can take anywhere from one (1) to eight (8) business days after the transaction date, depending on the issuing bank's policy.
If your bank has placed an authorization hold on your debit or credit card due to an erroneous or declined transaction, contact your bank and request that they drop the authorization hold from your account. Please note that Star City Games is unable to remove an authorization hold placed on a debit or credit card by your bank.

Pay by Phone

Star City Games cannot accept credit card information over the phone due to PCI compliance. Use our secure checkout online or add the credit card to your account as a payment method.

Under My Account, update Payment Methods with the card you wish to use. Call (540)-767-GAME (4263) at your convenience during our business hours, Monday-Friday, 10 AM -5 PM ET. 

Star City Games may ask you questions to verify certain information before processing payment.

Pre-paid Gift Cards

Pre-paid gift cards can only be accepted as payment when the value of the gift card is sufficient to either fully cover your order total by itself or in combination with Star City Games store credit.

  • Pre-paid gift cards cannot be used in combination with another gift card or credit or debit card.
  • Register your address with the issuing company before placing an order with a pre-paid Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express gift card.
  • Star City Games reserves the right to refuse to ship items to an address other than the confirmed address attached to the pre-paid gift card.

Attempting to use a pre-paid gift card without having first registered your address with the issuing company will result in a pending authorization hold from the issuing bank, and the funds on the card may not be released for up to eight (8) business days.


The shipping address selected for your Star City Games order must match your confirmed PayPal mailing address. PayPal requires your PayPal account be linked to either your bank account or an active credit card.

When your PayPal payment has been completed successfully, you will be directed back to Star City Games where you will see an order confirmation page and receive an order confirmation via email.

Unsuccessful transactions may still appear in your Order History as PayPal Status Unknown. See PayPal under Checkout Problems.

Star City Games reserves the right to refuse PayPal as a method of payment for any reason.

Store Credit

Store credit does not expire and can be used on the website (including shipping costs), the Star City Comics & Games retail location, or at any Star City Games Sales Booth. Store credit may also be used toward products on our weekly sales unless otherwise noted.


  • A Star City Games account is required to be issued store credit and to make purchases with store credit.
  • Store credit cannot be used for event entry fees, Premium memberships, select sales, or Star City Games gift certificates.
  • Store credit cannot be used to preorder Sealed products. See our Sealed Products page for a definition of Sealed products.
  • Store credit cannot be used to purchase Sealed products until the Monday after the product's ship date.
  • Bonus Bucks will not be earned for the portion of an order that is paid with store credit when that promotion is active.
  • Select sales may restrict the use of store credit.

Exception: Store credit may be used to purchase individual booster packs.

Check and Use Your Store Credit

View your store credit balance from either My Account under Payment Method or during the Payment step of the checkout process (for eligible purchases).

Store credit must be applied before any secondary payment method, such as Credit, Debit, or PayPal.

  1. During checkout, enter the amount of store credit you would like to apply to the order in the Payment section and click Add.
  2. Once applied, the total balance of your order will be adjusted.
  3. Select an additional payment method to cover any remaining balance to proceed to the final step of checkout.
  4. Review your order to confirm that your store credit has been applied and submit your order.

Store Credit Voucher Redemption

Use the Store Credit Voucher Redemption page to add store credit to your account with a store credit voucher. 

Star City Games Gift Certificates

To redeem a Star City Games® Gift Certificate on, click Add Gift Certificate at checkout to enter the gift certificate code and apply it to your order.
To use your Gift Certificate at Star City Comics & Games, simply present it at checkout. 

Gift Certificates cannot be used towards the purchase of Star City Games Gift Certificates, Star City Games Premium, or event entry fees.

Bank Wire Transfer

For orders where the total (including tax and shipping) is over $250, Bank Wire Transfer is an option on the Payment step during checkout. There is a $15 fee for wire transfers under $500.

If you select Bank Wire Transfer, a Customer Service Representative will email detailed instructions by the end of the next business day after your order has been submitted.

If you do not notify us that your payment has been sent within two (2) business days after receiving the instructions, your order may be subject to cancellation.

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