Order History

Viewing Order History

To view recent orders, click My Account then click Orders.

To view orders placed between 7/20/2017 and 9/28/2019, go to the Shipments page

To view orders placed before 7/20/17, go to the former Orders page.

Guest Checkout

If you do not see an order you placed under your Order History while logged into your account, you may have placed the order as a Guest during checkout. You will still receive a confirmation email for your order containing the order number and information, sent to the email address provided at checkout. 

If you cannot find the confirmation email, please contact us with the name and email address used to place the order and we will be happy to research it for you.

 Orders placed as a Guest cannot receive a Premium Membership Discount.

"Manual Verification Required" Order Status

If your order shows a status of "Manual Verification Required," it requires manual review by one of our Customer Service Representatives. Once the order is reviewed, we will send an email with either your order acceptance or a request for further information to the email address registered with your Star City Games account. We will send this email within one business day of order placement.

Reporting Issues With Orders

If you have any concerns or questions about an order, please contact us.

Digital Products

Any purchased digital products are available immediately for a limited number of downloads. Click My Account then click Orders to access digital products.