Checkout Problems

Authorization Holds

An authorization hold is the banking industry practice of verifying electronic transactions initiated with a debit or credit card and holding this balance as unavailable until the hold "drops off" the account, making the balance available again. This process can take anywhere from one (1) to eight (8) business days after the transaction date, depending on the issuing bank's policy.

When ordering from Star City Games®, you can minimize the impact of potential authorization holders or avoid them altogether by ensuring that you enter your debit or credit card billing address exactly as it is registered with your bank. If you require assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to help you resolve the payment.

If you have entered your address exactly but find yourself in the unlikely situation of not being able to complete your order, please note that repeatedly attempting to complete the same order may result in your bank placing an authorization hold on your debit or credit card attempt.

If your bank has placed an authorization hold on your debit or credit card due to an erroneous or declined transaction, you can contact your bank and request that they drop the authorization hold from your account. Please note that Star City Games is unable to remove an authorization hold placed on a debit or credit card by your bank.

Other Checkout Issues

If you encounter a technical issue that prevents you from checking out, please contact us with the following information:

  • The link provided by with your browser information
  • The URL (web address) of the page containing the issue
  • Whether or not you have enabled cookies and cleared your cache
  • Whether you have disabled any ad blockers
  • Your Star City Games® login ID
  • A description of the problem (screenshots are extremely helpful)

Additional information, such as the product you tried to order, the time of the error, and any other noticeable details, is appreciated and may help expedite a resolution to the problem.