Wish List

Create a Wish List

  1. Log in to your Star City Games® account.
  2. Click My Account.
  3. Click Wish Lists, then click the New Wish List button.
  4. Enter a Name for the Wish List.
  5. (Optional) To share your Wish List, check Share Wish List?
  6. Click Create Wish List to save your Wish List.

Manage Wish Lists

Add an item to your default (oldest) Wish List by clicking the heart button from a search. Add an item to a specific Wish List by clicking Add to Wish List on the item's product page.

Tip: Add a card in a specific language to your Wish List by setting the search filters to display that language only.

Further options are available by clicking My Account, then clicking Wish Lists:

  • Click Edit on a Wish List to update its name or if it can be shared.
  • If your Wish List is shareable, click Share to get a link to that Wish List.
  • Click Delete to delete that Wish List.

Prices of Wish List items may change. Prices are not final until the time of purchase.

Shared Wish Lists only display the name and item list of that Wish List; no user information is shared alongside the Wish List. Ordering items from someone's Wish List will not update their Wish List.

Migrate a Wish List

To migrate your Wish List from the old website to the new one, visit Migrate Your Wish List.

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