Team Constructed

    Team Constructed is a tournament format in which each member of a three-player team competes using their own deck but win and lose as a team. Each team member must present a format-legal deck for their seat. Most Star City Games events do not use "Unified Construction" rules, so the same card may appear in multiple decks (e.g. four [4] copies of Hallowed Fountain in Seat A’s deck and three [3] copies in Seat B’s deck). Deckbuilding rules for individual formats still apply. If "Unified Construction" rules are in effect for a tournament, please verify card legality with the game's policy documents.

    Magic: The Gathering Team Constructed events may feature different formats:

    • Mixed Constructed –  Players on each team are assigned a seat and a format. Typically, players are seated as follows: Seat A is Modern, Seat B is Pioneer, and Seat C is Standard. The formats and seat assignments may vary for specific events. 
    • Format Constructed – Players on each team play the same format, but Seats A, B, and C are assigned at the start of the event and remain fixed for the tournament.

    Each player plays a match against the player in the corresponding seat on the other team. The first team to win two (2) matches wins the round.

    Teammates may communicate with each other about gameplay decisions such as mulligans, sideboarding, and in-game actions; however, slow play penalties still apply. If a player wishes to leave the table during a match for any reason, that player must call for a judge to facilitate leaving and returning to the table or the player will not be allowed to communicate with their teammates for the remainder of the round.

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