Restricted Items

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are permitted, but players may not use them to access information that contains substantial strategic advice or information about an opponent's deck. Device use during a match other than brief personal calls must be visible to all players. Players wishing to view information privately on electronic devices during matches must request permission from a judge.

Magic Tournament Rules - Section 2.12

Flesh and Blood Tournament Rules – Section 5.6

Altered Cards

Artistic modifications, otherwise known are card alterations, are acceptable under the following conditions:

  • The original card is recognizable.
  • The alteration does not contain substantial strategic advice.
  • The artistry does not contain offensive images.
  • The cost and card name are unobstructed.

The Head Judge is the final authority on acceptable cards. If you plan to use altered cards of any sort, please make sure to speak with the Head Judge before the beginning of the event to ensure that your altered cards are approved for play in your event.

Magic Tournament Rules - Section 3.3

Flesh and Blood Tournament Rules and Policy – Section 8.6


Most tournaments run by Star City Games™ are sanctioned by Wizards of the Coast, Legend Story Studios, or other game manufacturers, which do not allow proxy cards. In certain situations, a Head Judge may issue a proxy for a card damaged during a tournament.

Magic Tournament Rules - Section 3.4

Flesh and Blood Tournament Rules and Policy – Section 8.4

Non-English Cards

Players may use otherwise-legal non-English cards, provided they are not using them to create an advantage by using misleading text or pictures.

Magic Tournament Rules - Section 3.3

Card Sleeves

We recommend that players only use card sleeves with an opaque, single-color back. Additionally, you are responsible for ensuring that your card sleeves are in acceptable condition and may be penalized if your card sleeves are found to contain noticeable scratches, discolorations, bends, or related markings.

Highly reflective card sleeves (especially gold and silver), holographic-faced card sleeves, and card sleeves containing images that extend all the way to the edges are prohibited from use in all Star City Games events.

If you have any questions regarding your card sleeves, please ask the Head Judge.

Magic Tournament Rules - Section 3.11 and 3.12

Flesh and Blood Tournament Rules and Policy – Section 3.9

Food and Beverages

Our event schedules do not include lunch breaks; however, players typically have ample opportunities to eat throughout the day depending on the times their matches end. To prevent event delays, we recommend that players eat between rounds as time allows.

Please keep drinks on the floor rather than the tables at all times. Spills may damage valuable cards and disrupt games beyond repair. All trash must be thrown out in the proper containers. Do not leave trash on the tables.

Dining options depend on the event’s location, but usually there are multiple food options available on-site and/or within a five-minute walk of the venue. Please keep in mind that some event sites enforce a “no outside food and beverage allowed” policy. 

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