Specialty Items

Magic: The Gathering

Collectors’ Edition

In December 1993, Magic: The Gathering released Collectors’ Edition, a square-cornered reprint of all 302 cards in the Beta print run. The backs of the cards are gold-bordered and display either “Collectors’ Edition” or “International Edition” in gold ink. Collectors’ Edition cards are not authorized for use in DCI-sanctioned tournaments. 

World Championship Decks

World Championship decks are specially-packaged versions of the four top-ranked decks used during the Magic World Championships from 1997-2004. World Championship cards, the individual cards contained within those decks, are not authorized for use in DCI-sanctioned tournaments. 

Rarities and Misprints

We sell a variety of rare and misprinted cards that appeal to collectors around the world. These cards are often not authorized for use in DCI-sanctioned tournaments (MTR, Section 3.3).

Standard Misprints

Standard misprints occur when the same error affects all copies of the card within a print run. For example, Alpha-cut 4th Edition was mistakenly cut with rounded corners like Alpha, the first Magic set. Another group of cards called Alternate 4th Edition, which were printed using distinct material and ink, didn’t meet quality standards and were mostly destroyed. Similarly, Wizards of the Coast destroyed most of Summer Magic because the set contained so many errors. In one highly unusual mix-up, the manufacturer Cartamundi mistakenly printed Fallen Empires fronts on Wyvern backs.

Non-Standard Misprints and Rarities

Exceptional rarities and non-standard misprints are listed in our Star City Games® eBay store or through regular listings on social media pages such as #MTGRarities: Major Misprints, Test Prints, Oddities on Facebook. Test prints, for example, were never meant to enter circulation. Artist proofs are printed in limited runs and issued directly to the artists by Wizards of the Coast. These cards have the usual front appearance with white, unprinted backs. Non-standard misprints vary in appearance, resulting from factory production errors such as off-centering, crimping, extra ink, or missing ink. 

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