Sales Tax

U.S. Orders charges sales tax on orders placed for delivery to all U.S. states and territories as required by the laws of Virginia and the delivery destination. 

Sales tax does not apply when the delivery destination has no sales tax, or when does not meet the destination’s requirements to charge and remit sales tax.

International Orders 

Certain orders shipped internationally will be charged sales tax based on the laws and regulations of the destination country. 

Calculating Sales Tax 

The total sales tax for an order combines state, county, city, and district tax rates. These rates are based on the point of origin and the delivery destination, as determined by the relevant tax laws.

For your convenience, provides estimates for sales tax during checkout and on order confirmation summaries. 

Tax rates and other factors can change between the time of placing an order and when it ships. For this reason, final sales tax charged may differ from any estimate given.