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Compensation Options

Payment Currency

All payments are made in United States dollars (USD).

Choosing a Payment Method

Choosing a payment method will fill in the entire total of the Sell Request. For Split Payment, simply update the first payment total to the amount desired and then select the second payment method which will calculate the amount remaining.

Please see below for more information regarding specific payment methods.


Before you submit a Sell Request, please confirm that you have supplied us with and properly spelled your correct PayPal email address. If there are no outstanding issues, our PayPal payment will be issued within one (1) business day of that Sell Request’s completed processing. Please note that you are responsible for all PayPal fees associated with this method of payment, which typically amount to approximately $1 USD inside the United States and $2 USD elsewhere.

Unfortunately, we cannot process payments at this time. 

Store Credit

Sell Request payments issued as Star City Games® Store Credit are adjusted to reflect the 30% bonus we offer when you choose this form of payment. The bonus is applied to your Sell Request subtotal at the time of payment, and the store credit is issued the same day that your Sell Request is completed.

Store Credit does not expire and can be used on the website (including shipping costs) and/or at any Star City Games Sales Booth. Store credit cannot be used for event entry fees, Premium memberships, select sales, or Star City Games gift certificates. Sealed product may not be preordered with store credit or purchased with store credit until the Monday after the product's release.


Checks can be issued to sellers residing in the United States and Canada for Sell Requests totaling at least $10 USD. Check processing typically requires two (2) additional business days beyond the completed processing of a Sell Request.

Sellers residing in the United States will be sent checks totaling less than $500.00 USD via USPS Standard Mail with the option to upgrade to USPS First Class for an additional $3.00 USD. Sellers residing in the United States will be sent checks totaling more than $500.00 USD via USPS First Class Mail with the option to upgrade to UPS Ground for an additional $7.00 USD. Please contact if you are interested in upgrading your shipping to a quicker and/or trackable method. 

To check on the status of a mailed check, please contact

If a check issued for payment of a Sell Request is not cashed within sixty (60) days, the checks will be automatically voided and reissued upon request.

If you realize that you’ve accidentally provided us with incorrect mailing information or you wish to request a check reissue for any reason before the sixty (60) day passes, email The $30 USD stop payment fee for the original check will be deducted from your reissued check.

If you provided us with the correct mailing information but cannot receive the check due to an error made by a Star City Games staff member, we will immediately reissue another check for the same amount as the original.