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Approval & Instructions

After submitting your online Sell Request, you will receive confirmations both on-screen and via email. Before we officially approve your sale, we may request scans or photos to verify the condition of items valued at $250 or higher.

You will receive an approval email once your Sell Request has been officially approved. If you have not received this email within two (2) business days, please check your spam folder and then contact us if you cannot find it. 

Do not ship or deliver anything in person until you have received an email stating that your sale has been officially approved.

Once you receive an email confirming our approval of your sale, you can then ship or drop off your items per the following instructions: 

Shipping Instructions

As the seller, you are responsible for all shipping and/or delivery costs related to the sending of an approved Sell Request. If any postage due or customs/import fees are incurred upon our receipt of a Sell Request, the amount due will be removed from your final total after grading.

To Ship a Sell Request

  1. Remove all cards from binders, top loaders, and any card sleeves. This includes standard-style card sleeves, "perfect-fit" or inner sleeves, side-loading inner sleeves, and sealable sleeves.
    Failure to do so may result in significant delays in processing time and penalties of up to 10% off the Sell Request total.
  2. Organize all individual cards in the exact same order in which they appear on the approved Sell Request.
    Failure to do so may result in significant delays in processing time, penalties of up to 10% off the Sell Request total, or our declining the sale outright.
  3. Ensure that all items are packaged safely and securely. 
  4. Include your approved Sell Request number on the front of your package using the following format.

    [Your Sell Request #]
    ATTN: Buyer
    Star City Games, Inc.
    5728 Williamson Rd NW
    Roanoke, VA 24012
  5. Strongly Recommended: Send your approved Sell Request via an insured shipping method.
    Please note that Star City Games® is not responsible for any items or packages that are lost and/or damaged while in transit.

  6. Ship your approved Sell Request within two business days of receiving approval.
    If the package is not postmarked within two business days of the approval email, we cannot guarantee the prices at the time of submission, and card values will be adjusted to reflect our current Buylist.

Packaging Recommendations

To ensure your cards are well-protected while in transit, we recommend that you package them inside of plastic card cases, deck boxes, empty Fat Pack/Bundle boxes, and/or similar storage methods that are specifically designed to protect trading cards. Do not ship any cards in binders or toploaders, as they both create significant delays in processing your Sell Request and offer the highest chance for damage during transit. For larger Sell Requests, consider using one- to five-row card storage boxes.

Place the cases or boxes inside a bubble mailer or cardboard box, leaving as little space as possible for the cards to move around inside by using newspaper, foam, packing peanuts, or another type of flexible packing material to protect the contents of your shipment.

Plastic zip-top bags, rubber bands, or packing material with a rough surface will damage cards. Do not ship your cards in standard envelopes, which the Post Office runs through mail sorting equipment that may damage your cards before they reach us. 

Although not required, we highly recommend using a trackable shipping method and properly insuring the contents of your shipment, as Star City Games is not responsible for any items or packages that are lost and/or damaged while in transit. We will notify you via email upon receipt of your shipment.

Drop-off Instructions

You may drop off the contents of your approved Sell Request in person at the Star City Game Center during business hours or at an SCG Tour® Sales Booth. Each SCG Tour stop will become available as a delivery option one (1) week before the event. We cannot guarantee Buylist prices earlier than this point. Please contact to schedule an appointment.

Please deliver your Sell Request to a staff Buyer, along with a printed copy of the contents of the Sell Request and its approval. The order of the cards needs to match the list included in the Sell Request Submission email. Because the Buyer will need to verify the contents of the Sell Request, confirm whether you plan to drop it off and return later or wait with the Buyer as they complete verification.