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Sales Tax

(USA) Louisiana

Louisiana use tax may be due on the purchases made from Louisiana law requires the payment of an individual's use tax liability on the individual income tax return or the Consumer Use Tax Return. (R-1035)

(USA) Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania sales or use tax may be due in connection with the purchase and delivery of tangible personal property to Pennsylvania individuals and businesses.

Pennsylvania requires the purchaser to file a use tax return if tax is due and the tax was not collected by the seller. Learn more about your use tax obligations under Pennsylvania law.

The seller to which you are being referred may or may not collect and remit sales tax. If the seller to whom you are being referred does not collect sales tax, the seller may be required to provide information to you and the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue about the purchase and the potential use tax liability.

This notice is required pursuant to the provisions of the Tax Reform Code of 1971. 72 P.S. ยง 7213.2.

(USA) Virginia

A sales tax of 5.3% is added to any order(s) shipped or received within the state of Virginia.

(USA) Washington

Sales or use tax is due on certain purchases delivered or sourced to Washington. Washington requires you to file a use tax return when sales tax is not paid at the time of purchase. This message is required under the Revised Code of Washington 82.13.020(2)(a)(i).


Orders shipped outside of the United States may be subject to duties or import taxes.