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Payment Options

Conversion Rates and Fees

All prices on® are in United States dollars ($). All charges are made in United States dollars.

While is not responsible for third party conversion rates, you can get an approximate and unofficial conversion to your local currency by using a currency calculator, such as Visa's or MasterCard's.

For information on foreign transaction fees and others you may incur, contact your card issuer or bank. is not responsible for any such fees.

Check and Money Order does not accept checks or money orders. 

Credit Card accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

To pay with credit card, you must provide with a correct billing address, which will be verified electronically. Any discrepancy will result in a declined card. We reserve the right to refuse to ship items to an address other than the billing address of the payment card.

You may store credit cards in Your Account to simplify checkout.

Payments are generally processed when your order is placed. If your payment is not processed automatically during the checkout process, the payment status on the Order Confirmation screen will show as Pending. This does not indicate a problem with the order, and a payment update will be provided via email within one business day.

If you receive an error message stating that your credit card is invalid, please confirm that you have correctly entered your credit card number and CVV number.

All credit card payments are subject to acceptance at the discretion of and may require further verification. We reserve the right to deny a credit card payment for any reason. 

Pay by Phone

To pay by credit card over the phone, contact us at your convenience during our business hours. 

Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm ET

(540)-767-GAME (4263)

Pre-paid Gift Cards

To pay for an order with a pre-paid Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express gift card, you must register your address with the issuing company before placing the order.

Please note that attempting to use a pre-paid gift card without having first registered your address with the issuing company will result in receiving a pending authorization hold from the issuing bank, and the funds on the card will not be released for up to eight (8) business days. is unable to provide authorization for release of funds. reserves the right to ship only to the confirmed address attached to a pre-paid gift card and to refuse to ship items to any address other than the confirmed address attached to the pre-paid gift card.

To use a pre-paid gift card, the gift card’s value must be sufficient to either fully cover your order total by itself or in combination with some amount of store credit. We cannot accept pre-paid gift card payments otherwise. 


The shipping address selected for your order must match your confirmed PayPal mailing address. Please note that PayPal requires that your PayPal account be linked to either your bank account or an active credit card.

If your PayPal payment has been completed successfully, you will be directed back to where you will see an order confirmation page and receive an order confirmation via email.

If your PayPal payment has not been successfully processed, you will not be directed back to order confirmation page or receive an order confirmation via email. However, the attempted order may still appear in your Order History as Paypal Status Unknown. In this case, Customer Service will email you instructions for resolving your order as soon as possible. reserves the right to refuse PayPal as a method of payment for any reason.

Store Credit

Any Store Credit that you currently have in your account, will be displayed in the Payment Method section of the checkout process. Gift Cards may be applied directly to your Store Credit balance. 

To apply your Store Credit to an order, enter up to the available amount into the appropriate field and click Apply Credit. Your Order total will be automatically adjusted accordingly. 

Bank Wire Transfer

To pay for an order via bank wire transfer, your order must total a minimum of $200. After you have chosen Wire Transfer as your payment method and clicked Confirm Payment and Place Order. Your order will be reviewed by an SCG representative, and further instructions for completing your payment will be emailed to you.

Please note that the bank wire transfer option is available only for orders shipped via UPS or USPS. We reserve the right to cancel your order if we do not receive your payment within ten (10) business days.