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Online registration is available for most Star City Games® tournaments and event packages until 11:59pm ET on the day preceding the event. Find your event on the SCG Tour® Schedule and click the Register link for details. Individual side events are not eligible for online registration. 

On-site registration at SCG Tour events begins when the hall opens each morning. To ensure that tournaments start on time, registration for each tournament closes ten minutes before the posted starting time.

What You’ll Need

DCI Number

To play in a sanctioned Magic: The Gathering event, you will need a DCI number, which may be freely obtained online from Wizards of the Coast, the organization that sets tournament rules and policies, maintains player ratings and rankings, and promotes the game through Organized Play.

To obtain a DCI number, sign up for a Wizards account.

To locate a lost DCI number, speak with any event staff. However, if you have not linked your DCI number to a Wizards of the Coast account, we may not be able to find it.

To combine multiple DCI numbers, contact Wizards of the Coast Customer Support. You can continue to register for events using your preferred DCI number.

Tip: Save your DCI number as a contact in your phone.


Every player at a Star City Games Open, Classic, or Invitational must submit a publicity waiver. If the player is a minor, the waiver must be signed by a legal guardian. 

At the start of the first round, you will receive any reward items included in your Registration package at the same time your completed publicity waiver is turned in to a member of our staff. Players with byes must report to the event stage to submit their completed publicity waiver and receive any reward items included in their Registration package.


If you registered for one or more events online, there is no need to bring a printed ticket or confirmation email, though you should bring a photo ID or credit card to verify your identity. When you arrive at the event, look for the list of pre-registered players posted on a pairings board. You will not need to check in with a member of our staff unless your name and/or DCI number is missing from the list.


If a player registers for an event they are unable to participate in, then the player may request a refund by speaking to the event stage staff or emailing us no later than fourteen (14) days after the event. Refunds will be issued upon verification by Star City Games that the player did not participate in the event.

No event entry may be transferred to another player.

Star City Games does not issue event entry refunds as a result of Judge rulings or player disqualifications. 

Deck Registration

Deck registration allows tournament officials to verify that all event participants are playing tournament-legal decks.

A completed deck registration form must be submitted either at the start of the first round of your event or online in advance of the event’s start time. Players who pre-register for an event by Friday at 3pm ET will receive an email that includes a link to submit their decklist online in advance of the event. Deck registration forms can be found online or on-site at the event.

Additionally, Star City Games publishes the top-performing decklists after each SCG Tour event. 

Team Events

Each player must register individually for a three-person Team Constructed or Team Modern (Non-Unified) event. Your confirmation e-mail for your event registration will contain a link to the event's team formation page. 

To update your team roster, either submit corrections using the team submission link in the e-mail you received or speak to SCG staff at the event. We will update our records to reflect the most recent three-person team roster submitted.