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Team Pioneer (Non-Unified)

Team Pioneer (Non-Unified) is a Magic: The Gathering tournament format in which each member of a three-player team competes using a single Pioneer deck. Teams must present three format-legal decks. Unified construction rules do not apply. The same card may appear in multiple decks (e.g. four [4] copies of Thoughtseize in Player A's Pioneer deck and three [3] copies in Player B's Pioneer deck). Deckbuilding rules for individual formats still apply.

Players on each team are seated consistently for each round: Player A is seated at the lowest table number in the match, Player B is seated at the middle table number in the match, and Player C is seated at the highest table number in the match. Each player plays a best-two-out-of-three games match where Competitive REL rules apply. The first team to win two (2) matches wins the round, and their team earns three (3) match points.

Teammates may communicate with each other about gameplay decisions such as mulligans, sideboarding, and in-game actions; however, slow play penalties still apply (MTR, Section 5.5). If a player leaves the table during a match for any reason, that player will no longer be allowed to communicate with their teammates.