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Buy-a-Box Preorder Promotion

For some Magic: The Gathering product releases, fans may preorder booster boxes from the Star City Game Center®, receive promotional item(s) with each while supplies last, and pick everything up during the Star City Game Center’s Prerelease weekend. 

Promotional items may include Buy-a-Box promotional cards, special booster packs, and others not listed. 

Limited Availability

Booster boxes and promotional items may have limited quantities available. Preorders will receive promotional items in the order that they were placed.

Preorders for booster boxes associated with this promotion are non-refundable.

After the preorder period, any remaining booster boxes and promotional items will be offered on-site at the Star City Game Center during the Prerelease weekend while supplies last.

Store Pickup Only

Booster boxes eligible for this promotion must be picked up at the Star City Game Center, in-store or curbside. These boxes may be preordered in-person at the Star City Game Center or through the Star City Games® online store using the On-Site Pickup shipping option during checkout. Sealed product cannot be preordered with store credit or purchased with store credit until the Monday after release. 

This promotion applies only to booster boxes picked up at the Star City Game Center, in-store or curbside. Booster boxes shipped to customers are not eligible for this promotion and will ship on their release date.